The second face of the corona virus

Who continue to find new ways to help each other even after the global outbreak of the Corona virus outbreak. The Corona virus has virtually eliminated all contacts, but many remote people have come so close to each other in the name of global humanitarian sympathy that thousands of new stories of outbreaks are born daily. This new human-to-human relationship is undoubtedly one of the brightest aspects of the many painful and dark aspects of the Corona virus. That is, the global outbreak of the Corona virus, but the outbreak has also shown mankind another outbreak. Some of these stories are mentioned below.

Corona virus halts Egypt and Ethiopia's anticipated war

While the Corona virus has completely paralyzed the world's running system, it is now reported that Egypt and Ethiopia have also stopped nearing war on an old conflict due to the virus and African people have been hopeful that for months after reaching a peaceful resolution to the dispute over the construction of the dam on the Nile, the shadow of a war on North Africa could certainly be gone forever. Ethiopia is building one of the world's largest dams on the Nile, called the "Great Renaissance Dam," according to details in the international media. According to Ethiopia, the construction of the dam on the Nile will promote economic development, poverty alleviation and regional integrity in the country, while Egypt's objection to the dam is that its water supply in the dam reduces its share of water in the Nile. Will go

The construction of the dam on the Nile is expected to be completed by 2021 and will be Africa's largest hydroelectric power station and one of the world's largest dams. Egypt fears that the Ethiopia will take full control over the Nile from this dam as it will be located at a height and will control the flow of water according to its custom. However, Ethiopia's view is that their dam is not intended to gain control over the Nile but to use its water only in the energy sector. Interestingly, for Ethiopia, the dam has become a symbol of national pride and 80% of the dam construction work has been completed.

So one month ago Egypt threatened Ethiopia with a regular war, after which Ethiopia also started preparations for war and it was almost time that you would see the regular war between the two countries in the last few days but then the Corona virus The global outbreak has currently averted a definitive war in North Africa and both countries have been engaged in dialogue with neighboring countries on the dam issue. If these two countries reach a unanimous agreement, then surely the truce in Africa will go to Corona Virus. We are not saying this, but it is the general opinion of millions of people living in Africa.

The corona virus made the Venus canals transparent

Italy is also regarded as one of the major tourist destinations in Europe due to its historical and scenic location, where more than 60 million foreign tourists visited in 2018. Italy ranks fifth in global tourism, while Venice is considered the forerunner of Italy's tourism industry. Venice is a beautiful city in the northern part of Italy, also called by the unique names of the city of water, the city of bridges, the city of the canals, the city of floating. People here actually build houses on the water, but due to tourist activities, the natural beauty of the city of Venice has been badly polluted for many years. The Italian government also made strict rules for tourists to prevent the canal system from becoming polluted and tarnished.

However, they did not gain much benefit, and the canals of Venice were so swamped that they began to swamp. But then, at the end of February this year, Italy began to be seriously affected by the Corona virus epidemic, which, in order to prevent further spread, Italy turned the country into quarantine. The toughest lockdowns in Italy have started to have major positive effects on the canals of Venice and their water has been completely cleansed. Some Venezuelan citizens have shared some pictures on social media where clear, transparent water can be seen in the canals of Venice. The water has become so transparent that even the fish floating in it are visible, whereas before the lockdown, the water had become so dirty that sometimes it even started to stink. The complete lockdown in Italy has led to the suspension of all sorts of tourism, which has had a pleasant effect on the city of Venice, which is undoubtedly exciting and awe-inspiring.

The United Nations International Labor Organization (ILO) said in a recent report that if the impact of the Cody 19 epidemic was minimal, global unemployment would increase by 5.3 million, but if the outbreak was high, 24.3 million people would There will be jobs, while according to the Asian Development Bank (ADB), about 9.5 million people in Pakistan can become unemployed due to the outbreak. These indicators of rising global unemployment are alarming in their place, but many companies and companies around the world are also trying to do their best to cope with this situation.
For example, Facebook, the world's largest and most popular social networking site, has offered each of its permanent and full-time employees $ 1,000 per person, ie, one million 60,000 Pakistani rupees as a "corona bonus". 'So that its employees can not only cope with the global outbreak of Corona but also take good care of themselves and their families.

The bonus will also be paid to employees working in homes, including office workers, due to the Corona virus. There are currently 45,000 full-time permanent employees in the Facebook world. In addition, Facebook has also hinted at distributing US $ 100 million to small technology companies around the world. According to a Facebook release, the Corona virus will distribute $ 100 million in funding to over 30,000 small technology companies and social websites worldwide, making the company even more global. Pay timely salaries to employees who cannot be employed for any reason at the time of crisis. The aforementioned money will be distributed to all worldwide websites and technology companies that are affiliated with the countries where Facebook works. Private institutions in our country must follow this tradition, too.

The golden opportunity to vaccinate in a record period

On March 18, 2020, Jennifer Heller became the first female volunteer to inject the Corona virus vaccine despite its full recovery. Jennifer Heller said at the event, "She is delighted that she has become a regular part of the most important experience ensuring vaccine delivery to Corona victims around the world. Who are given two injections in 28 days and then after evaluating the medical effects of the vaccine, it will be decided whether the vaccine should be used immediately to prevent corona virus worldwide. This is the first time a vaccine has been decided to experiment directly on healthy humans rather than animals.

The main reason for this is the worldwide outbreak of the Corona virus, forcing scientists to develop a vaccine against the Corona virus as soon as possible to prevent humanity from becoming infected with the Corona virus. Keep in mind that usually a low-stress component of the virus is discovered to make the vaccine, which, when injected into a healthy body, creates an effective immune system against the virus. To date, all vaccines have been manufactured under this same approach, but for the first time in medical history, the Corona virus vaccine is being manufactured with the help of genetic material (RNA), rather than any part of the original virus.

This is the same genetic material of the Corona virus, which the complete data of Chinese scientists put on the Internet on January 10, 2020 to help anyone in the world launch a vaccine without the aid of a virus. Currently, 35 investigative organizations in the world are making headway to vaccinate the Corona virus. If the vaccine is even produced by the end of this year, it will be the fastest vaccine ever made in medical history, as vaccination is a very demanding, patient, and difficult task that can only be estimated. It can be deduced that human beings have not been able to get the AIDS vaccine till the last 40 years, despite scientific advances and hard work.

Global environmental pollution and the Corona virus

Often, environmentalists say that even though the global outbreak of the novel corona virus has caused a worldwide economy to collapse and millions of small factories have been shut down so far, it is fatal. Corona virus is also seeing dramatic reductions in global air pollution. The latest satellite images released by NASA, the leading US space agency, have revealed that air pollution levels have dropped dramatically in recent days, primarily due to the Corona virus worldwide. Economic activities have to decline rapidly.
According to a recent CNN report, Hong Kong has seen 32% reduction in small airborne particles while 29% in large particles, as well as 22% reduction in nitrogen oxide, while industries, factories and industries in the United States The amount of carbon monoxide is reduced by up to 50% due to transport restrictions.

NASA scientists believe that nitrogen dioxide is usually the cause of most air pollution and is emitted from most vehicles and industrial units, so complete transportation and business activities in most parts of the world. As a result, global environmental pollution has declined drastically. If this reduction is seen from the point of view of human health benefits, it means that only one country in China, due to air pollution reduction, 4000 children under the age of five in the last two months. And has saved the lives of 73,000 elderly people over the age of 70.
This saving of human life is far more than the harm that has been done to the corona virus worldwide. According to environmentalists, the corona virus has also had a positive effect on Pakistan's environment. Both Karachi and Lahore, which were considered among the 10 most polluted cities in the world and whose climate was considered a threat to the citizens, are now out of danger. According to the World Ratings Agency, Karachi reached the 27th position in the Air Quality Index.

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