Benefits of eating orange and its use in various diseases

Fever: Orange is a good diet in all types of fevers. While digestive power is weakened by fever. A fever-stricken patient goes through a period of extreme poisoning and lack of saliva causes a coating on his tongue, loss of appetite and thirst. The aroma of orange juice helps a lot in removing these anorexia. Orange juice is a very ideal liquid diet in typhoid, TB disease, measles. It provides strength, more urine excretion and the disease immunity power of the body increases against infection. Therefore, the recovery is quick.

Indigestion: Orange is an effective medicine for chronic indigestion. It provides relief to the digestive organs and supplies food in an easily dissolved form. It also accelerates the flow of digestive juices, which improves digestion and increases appetite. It produces friendly bacteria and digestive bacteria in the intestine.

Constipation: Constipation is cured by eating orange. Taking one or two oranges at bedtime and waking up in the morning keeps the intestine functioning. Constipation patient should drink a glass of juice daily. Stop drinking orange juice only when constipation is over and indigestion becomes normal.

Kidney disorders: If there is any kidney disease, the kidney does not function properly. And if these disorders are troubles, (i) Start breakfast in the morning from a girl who is able to keep the kidneys clean. It is better to take two oranges everyday. (ii) If possible, drink a glass of orange juice after eating oranges. This will have an early effect. (iii) If orange juice is not available after eating oranges, then drink only a glass of lukewarm water. This will also benefit. (iv) As mentioned above, orange and orange juice are to be taken for breakfast. That is, do this treatment only on an empty stomach.
Bone and tooth disease: Orange is useful in bone and tooth diseases due to being a good source of calcium and vitamin 'C'. Irregularities in tooth structure are usually due to deficiency of vitamin 'C' and calcium. It can be overcome by taking sufficient amount of oranges.

Diseases of children: Orange juice is a good diet for infants not getting mother's milk. According to their age, half to four ounces of orange juice should be given daily. It prevents scurvy and rickets and helps in development. This juice can be given for beneficial results even to slightly older children, who do not develop normally. They should give two to four ounces of orange juice per day.
In heart diseases: Taking orange juice with honey is very beneficial in heart disease. In cardiac conditions, such as coronary ischemia and malaise, when consuming only liquid foods, the use of orange juice with honey is a very powerful liquid food.

Chronic phlegm: Taking a pinch of orange juice with salt and a spoonful of honey removes tuberculosis, asthma, common cold, bronchitis and phlegm deposited in the chest. Due to its saline action in the lungs, it is easy to discharge phlegm and protects against secondary infection.
Nail pimples: Orange peel is useful in the treatment of acne and pimples. Its peels should be grinded on the stone and applied on the affected part. It is more effective if it is grinded and applied with rain water.

Acne: If there is acne or acne scars, then the face of the face deteriorates and the beautiful face also becomes unsightly. In this case, dry the orange peel in the shade, grind and sieve. Care for. Wet it a little and apply it on oaths like ointment everyday. There will be no marks.
Eating oranges daily prevents repeated attacks of common cold, influenza and bleeding. This keeps a person healthy and strong. Orange juice is suitable for people of all ages and can be given in all types of diseases.

Those who have anemia or anemia. The body remains weak. Such people get benefit from eating oranges.

Bile disease: If someone suffers from excess bile disease, he may have one or more of the following problems: (i) Sour bursts. (ii) Restlessness in mind. (iii) To feel nauseous or to vomit. (iv) burning sensation in the chest. Sometimes burning sensation comes down to the throat. Such a person drink a glass of orange juice. Roasted cumin seeds, little. Add salt and pepper powder in style. Will effect quickly. It should be taken regularly for a week.

Loss of appetite: If you do not feel hungry or less, then keep the powder of black salt and dry ginger. Cut the orange, pour this powder on it. Chew each piece and eat. Hunger will open up. Would like to eat more food. Continue this for a few days.
Start eating two small oranges or one big orange daily on an empty stomach, breakfast or an hour before breakfast. This will increase appetite. You will be able to eat more food and health will also be good.

Lots of thirst: If someone feels very thirsty and does not quench thirst even by drinking water, then eating oranges quenches thirst. You can also drink orange juice if possible.
In typhoid disease: The patient of typhoid has restlessness. He is troubled by fever. Summer also feels a lot. To such patient: (i) Give a glass of milk and eat an orange. (ii) Take out a cup of orange juice. Mix this juice in a glass of milk. Then give the patient a drink. Either of these two remedies can help. Juice has to be given thrice a day. Will benefit quickly.

Children diarrhea: If the child has diarrhea and has to defecate again and again, extract orange juice. Give half a bowl of juice and whole bowl of milk to the child. The diarrhea will stop.
Pyria problem: If someone's gums are weak and they bleed, then understand that he has pyorrhea. If it is not stopped, the digestive system will be severely impaired. For this, dry the orange peel in the shade. Grind them finely. Filter with a cloth and keep it in a vial. This is your mind. Pyria disease is cured by doing this. Do this until the gums become strong.

Treatment of influenza disease: If someone gets influenza disease, he should consume orange, it will provide great relief. After eating oranges, one can drink light lukewarm water, if needed.
Jaundice: Orange should be consumed. The patient benefits from this.
Malaria: To get out from malaria disease, fill one tablespoon of orange peel powder. Boil it in a glass of water. When the water remains half, filter it and feed it to the patient. two times a day . Keep drinking for a week.

Alcohol addiction: If someone cannot live without alcohol, then drink one glass of orange juice twice a day. His desire to get intoxicated will begin to decrease. It will also end slowly.
Melt vomiting and nausea: If someone wants to vomit repeatedly or feels nauseous, he should eat orange. Or drink orange juice only. This is the treatment for such problems in travel.
Stomach ulcer etc.: If there is stomach ulcer, wound, or canker, then such person can get relief by eating orange.

Neurological: To keep the nervous system fine, it is better to drink orange juice inside the body. If the orange juice is not available, then eat the orange by chewing it. If there is tension due to nervous disease, then it is also cured.

Cold-cough: If you have a cold. If you are coughing due to this cold, take one third glass of lukewarm water. Add two-thirds of orange juice to it. Give it to the patient, it will give relief in cold and cough.

Protecting young children from cold: If young children have a cold, they have symptoms of cough, keep a little orange juice regularly to keep such child healthy. It will increase immunity and endurance. Eating orange will also benefit and the child will remain healthy.
Benefits of eating orange in pregnancy: For pregnant woman: If a woman is pregnant. After conceiving, she starts eating one or two oranges daily in the afternoon. Keep eating till the child is there. The baby will be very beautiful and healthy with this. Pregnant women also get many other benefits by eating oranges.

Other benefits of orange:

If someone rinses orange, eats it daily, or drinks orange juice, then he / she will:
Will calm asthma.
Will reduce cough.
Will power the breathing system. Will make breathing easier.
T.B. Like it will also benefit in disease.
All diseases of the chest will be eradicated.
Will remove weakness of heart.
Will remove all stomach upset.
One glass of orange juice in the morning:

If a person drank one glass of orange juice every morning for a few days every morning without:

He will not have any complaint of constipation at all.
The gas produced in the stomach will end. Will not be made again.
If the stomach remains bloated, it will get relief.
All liver disorders will start to disappear.
If the stomach remains heavy, it will also start recovering.
Weak digestion.
If you feel hungry, then she will feel good.

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